Monday, April 21, 2014

Lighting the way for other states

Kansas is the first state to use self-sufficient solar powered LED pavement lights to illuminate rural interchanges and intersections.

These solar lights are part of pilot project being completed by KDOT and Pittsburg State University.  The lights were installed in October at the U.S. 169/Plummer Road and U.S.169/Chanute-Humboldt Road interchanges.  While the feasibility study won't be complete until later this year, the preliminary results are very promising.

According to project manager Chris Pross, the project team has been very pleased with how well the lights have worked and have received positive feedback from travelers along the interchanges. The solar lights proved to be very helpful during a night with heavy fog-- even more so, than a tower light that was ineffective due to the fog's density. Pross noted that of the 600 lights installed only two have failed to work. He said that other state DOTs have expressed interest in the lights and have reached out to KDOT to learn more about them.

KDOT provides tower lighting on interchanges and intersections in high traffic areas.  These solar lights are a cost-efficient way to increase visibility on interchanges and intersections that may not warrant tower lighting but still have considerable traffic volumes.

Check out the video below to learn more about these lights.

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