Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More than $970 million worth of road construction to begin this year

 As the state’s T-WORKS transportation program moves into its middle years, this will be one of the busiest construction seasons of the 10-year program

 By late fall, when most work winds down for winter, crews will have worked on hundreds of projects this season that have a combined cost of nearly a billion dollars. That includes work on T-WORKS’ two largest projects – the Johnson County Gateway and the South Lawrence Trafficway. Total cost of the Gateway is $298 million and cost of the South Lawrence Trafficway is $186 million. The costs include construction, preliminary engineering, right of way purchase and more. 

“This is one of the biggest years of T-WORKS, which means hundreds of construction workers on the job, a lot of work for businesses that supply and service the construction industry, and tens of millions of dollars pumped into local economies,” said Gov. Sam Brownback. 

“The work being done this season is important to the economic growth of Kansas as it provides the quality infrastructure businesses are looking for when they expand or locate in our state.” 

T-WORKS is an $8 billion program that was passed by the 2010 Legislature. Gov. Brownback made completion of the program part of his Road Map for Kansas. 

The heavy work schedule will mean a lot of orange barrels and a lot of men and women working very close to traffic. 

“I know road construction is frustrating for drivers, but please focus first on the people doing the work, respect their space and understand that they want to go home to their families at the end of the day just like you do,” said Transportation Secretary Mike King.  

“It might be hard to appreciate this when you’re stopped in a line of traffic, but we are fortunate to live in a state where citizens and leaders understand the value of a world-class transportation system,” Secretary King said.

 2014 construction season by the numbers
218                                         Projects
1,790                                      Miles being improved
166                                         Bridges being improved
$973 million                          Total costs of projects

T-WORKS completed through March 2014
Projects                                  968
Lettings                                  $2.2 billion
Miles of work                         7,567
Bridges                                  475
Modal                                     $59 million
(Rail, aviation, transit)

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