Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Checking in on the $8 million promise

When the Kansas Legislature passed the transportation program, T-WORKS, it required that at least $8 million be invested in every Kansas county by the end of the program in 2020.  As we near the mid-way point of the program, we thought it would be helpful to check in and see how we're doing in meeting that $8 million promise.  To date, 69 counties out of 105 have received $8 million or more and all counties have received at least a million dollars in transportation investments.  These totals include funds spent on highways, airports, public transit or short-line rail.  Counties that haven't received the full $8 million should not fret as more work continues to be scheduled each year for T-WORKS.

The map below shows the counties that have received the full $8 million.  To learn how much exactly each county has received, click here.

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