Friday, January 16, 2015

Announced road/bridge projects will be built

All T-WORKS projects already scheduled for letting will be constructed under the budgets proposed by the Governor today. 

Scheduled projects under T-WORKS, the state’s 10-year transportation program, include both expansion and preservation projects and can be viewed on the T-WORKS website,  

Preservation projects include a variety of work ranging from light resurfacing and bridge repair to full pavement reconstruction and bridge replacement. Expansion projects add lanes or interchanges to a roadway. 

Remaining available T-WORKS dollars will fund additional preservation projects to a level that allows KDOT to maintain a positive ending balance in the State Highway Fund. 

“Anticipated year-end balances are very fluid,” said Transportation Secretary Mike King. 

“They are shaped by a number of ever-changing variables and assumptions. Based on KDOT’s most current set of information and assumptions, the T-WORKS program can support funding projects at a level that achieves the performance targets for road and bridge conditions,” Secretary King said.

Today’s budget proposal adds $55 million to transfers for FY 2015. Combined with allotments announced in December, along with legislatively-approved transfers in 2014, the total FY 2015 transfer is $421 million. 

The Governor’s budget recommendation proposes a transfer of $377 million for FY 2016 and $378 million for FY 2017. To accommodate these transfers, projected T-WORKS construction lettings will be as follows:

FY 2015                     FY 2016                     FY 2017
$608 million              $636 million              $718 million
These numbers reflect a delay in lettings of $297 million total for fiscal years 2015 and 2016. 

“Future savings from lower-than-anticipated bids and other agency savings, combined with additional revenue sources, will go toward funding projects delayed to the latter years of the T-WORKS program,” said Secretary King.
Planned anticipated lettings for FY 2017 won’t change.

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