Monday, May 11, 2015

Oh, the places you could go

If you love maps but have not scouted the extensive map collection on the KDOT website, check out the collection. There are so many opportunities for the cartography nerd or the casual map observer that you may want to get a fresh cup of coffee or tea and settle back for some serious clicking.

There is, of course, an electronic version of the Official State Transportation Map (including the inset city maps from the back of the paper version). And you won’t just find the current one; there are over 50 years of state maps dating all the way back to 1863.

Plus there are county maps (all 105), cities, school districts, traffic counts, railroads, bicycle routes, county bridges, bridge restrictions, bridge vertical clearances, interchange sketches, highway route changes and lots more.
If you’re a Kansas history buff, take a look at the 19th Century Kansas Trails map. It has Pony Express stations, Indian village locations, battle sites, cattle trails, stage coach routes, western migration trails, commerce routes from the 1800s and lots more!

So kick back and explore Kansas on your computer with some of the great maps KDOT has to offer.

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