Monday, June 22, 2015

Motoring Monday: Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum

From 1917 to 1936, Martin and Osa Johnson researched far-away lands in East and Central Africa, the South Pacific Islands and British North Borneo, a time when few Americans ventured beyond our shores. The Johnsons were the first to send back photos and film of Africa and the South Seas. They also photographed wilderness areas in Kenya, the Congo, British North Borneo and the Solomon and New Hebrides Islands.

The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum opened in June 1961 in Chanute with a core collection of the their films, photographs, manuscripts, articles, books and personal belongings donated by Osa's mother.  Educational programs are offered for children and adults, and the museum has established an African ethnographic collection. The museum has grown throughout the years and now includes a large research library with more than 10,000 volumes covering a variety of natural history and cultural subjects.

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