Monday, July 20, 2015

Motoring Monday: Wall Mural Concordia

The Whole Wall Mural at the corner of 6th and U.S. 81 in Concordia is the longest sculpted brick mural in the United States and is the largest piece of public art in Kansas.

Work began on the 140-foot long project in February 2007 and the last brick was carved in April 2008. The 15-foot high mural was then installed in 2009. Each brick before firing weighed about 26 pounds with more than 90,000 pounds of clay used.

The 6,400-brick mural tells the story of Cloud County through architecture, geography, commerce and art. Catharine Magel, a St. Louis artist, designed the Mural with Mara Smith, Seattle, as lead artist. Just a few of the things featured on the mural include coal miners and brick layers at work, a 1928 biplane, a wooded windmill, grain elevators, a John Deere tractor, a school house, a church, a train, an iron truss bridge, trees, sunflowers and even a museum mouse and lady bug.

Find out more about the mural here.

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