Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Trivia: Amelia Earhart

In honor of International Woman's Day, today's trivia subject is transportation pioneer and Kansas native Amelia Earhart.

1.  Amelia Earhart was born in which Kansas town?
        A. Atchison
        B. Dodge City
        C. Wichita
        D. Salina

She was born in Atchison, Kan. on July 24, 1897.

2. Was Amelia Earhart the first woman to receive a pilot's license?
       B. No

She was not the first woman to receive a license.

3. How many women received their pilot's licenses before she did?
       B. 8
       C. 15
       D. 22

15 women received their license before she did.  Earhart was number 16.

4. Was Amelia Earhart married?
        A. Yes
        B.  No.

She was married to George Putnam on February 7, 1931.

5. How much did the U.S. government spend on the search for Earhart?
       A. $250,000
       B. $500,000
       C. $1 million
       D. $4 million

The government spent $4 million in the air and sea search making it the most costly search ever at that time.



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