Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Winter Ready Wednesdays: Plowing roadways

The average daily value of freight moving across Kansas highways is more than $606 million. What would happen to our economy if those roads were impassable due to snow and ice?

Parts of the state may see some winter precipitation today and KDOT crews are ready to combat inclement weather with some of the strongest winter weather fighting machines around: Snow plows.

KDOT has 591 trucks that can be used to clear snow and ice off of roadways.  Snow plows are a common sight during wintery months. These giant vehicles are essential to traveler safety and for ensuring that commerce continues to move across the 10,000 miles (25,000 lane miles) of the state highway system.

 For a second year, motorists may get a chance to see another winter weather weapon: The tow plow. 

The tow plow is a 26-foot-long, independently-steerable mounted plow that covers the right side of the lane. It allows a single driver to plow two lanes at a time and frees up other crew members who can concentrate on other highways needing snow removal. 

Last year, KDOT tested two of these plows in two different parts of the state. One tow plow was tested in Olathe’s heavy traffic. Another plow was tested in Colby due to its rural area and windier climate along the highways. KDOT has plans to purchase more tow plows in the future. 

Whether or not your area sees snow today, you can be sure that KDOT crews will be ready to operate these hefty machines in an effort to keep Kansas moving. 

As the winter months move in, KDOT will use a variety of methods to clear roads and infrastructure and help Kansans travel safely.  For the next several Wednesdays, we will share with you more ways that KDOT works to keep Kansas moving during inclement weather.

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