Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Work on K-18 and U.S. 77 in Geary County is close to completion

K-18 bridge over U.S. 77 looking west.

The K-18 and U.S. 77 interchange is now 77 percent complete and is anticipated to be open to unrestricted traffic by June 29, weather permitting.  The box culvert shown below is half complete, with another section to be completed to the right. While this is taking place, work will begin on the bridge approach connecting these two sections of K-18.

K-18 box culvert looking east.

Previously, this interchange was half diamond and half cloverleaf.  It will now be a full diamond interchange. On and off ramps are complete on the east side of U.S. 77. The foundation of the ramps on the west side has been placed, but they won’t be completed until the work on K-18 is finished.  

K-18 bridge looking south on U.S. 77
This is the third stage of the project with Hamm, Inc. of Perry as contractor at a cost of approximately $15 million.  The first and second stages started from the diverging diamond at the interchange of I-70 and U.S. 77 to the south, to Rucker Road and U.S. 77 to the north.  KDOT partnered with the city of Junction City in putting in a walk/bike path, which crosses U.S. 77.  

A walk/bike path that cross U.S. 77 has also been added. 

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