Monday, April 2, 2018

Make a difference – Adopt a highway

Make a difference in your community and help the environment at the same time – join the Adopt-A-Highway program in Kansas.

“This is such a worthwhile program,” says Heather Brown with the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve.  “It helps keep the beauty of Kansas unmarred and delicate ecosystems undisturbed.”

The goal of the program is to clean along the roadways throughout the state to increase safety for motorists and pedestrians, as well as improve the beauty of Kansas.  This helps to raise awareness on the negative effects of pollution and the positive aspects of a clean community.

Any nonprofit group that does not discriminate upon the basis of race, religion or gender can join and there is no cost to the group.  Members must be at least 11 years old and have adequate adult supervision.  Groups have clean-ups three times a year and are recognized for their efforts with signs marking their sections of highway.  Since spring 1990, thousands of groups have participated and a number of the original groups are still active today.

Adopt-A-Highway groups are gearing up for the annual Clean Up Kansas Campaign which takes place during the month of April.  This event, as well as the program, is sponsored by the Kansas Department of Transportation.  All Adopt-A-Highway groups are encouraged, but not required to participate in the statewide event.

Groups clean their sections of roadway three times a year at their convenience.  Most choose to schedule a clean-up time in the spring, summer and fall.

How you can join: Your group can join by calling your closest KDOT office.  Phone numbers and application forms can be found at the Adopt-A-Highway Website. 
  • Volunteers should have the following qualifications before heading out:Good physical condition, including sight and hearing
  • Mental alertness - don’t participate if you are tired or drowsy.
  • A sense of responsibility for the safety of the public and the crew.
  • A willingness to use good common sense.

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