Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Artful walk: Wichita State University's sculpture collection provides healthy activity

By Tom Hein,
Wichita Metro Public Affairs Manager

Tres Mujeres Caminando (Three Women Walking)  by Francisco Zuniga 
Combining outdoor walking and art appreciation is a healthy way to enrich the body and the mind. On the campus of Wichita State University, 76 sculptures are spread across the 330-acre campus, inviting walkers to discover a diverse collection – and improve their health.

Millipede by Tom Otterness.

There are works by famous artists – Auguste Rodin, Joan Miro, Henry Moore and others – but who created them is less important than how you experience the pieces as you walk around them.

Bust of Renoir by Aristide Maillol

Summer, albeit rather warm, is a great time to visit the campus and tour the Martin H. Bush Outdoor Sculpture Collection. With only summer school in session, there are plenty of free parking spots. Stop by the university’s Ulrich Museum of Art for a map of the collection or check it out online at http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=ulrichmuseum&p=/art/outdoorsculpturecollection/.

Man with Cane by Fernando Botero

Visiting all 76 pieces of art will be good for your heart – in more ways than one!

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