Wednesday, September 3, 2014

KDOT award supports Salina/Bombardier lease

Secretary Mike King announced a $350,000 T-WORKS Economic Development award yesterday for the Salina Airport Authority. The award supports the airport lease to Bombardier Flight Test Center (BFTC) of Hangar 959 at the Salina Regional Airport.
The award helps fund taxiway and apron improvements and building modifications, which will support ongoing Bombardier operations at the Salina airport and in Kansas. In turn, this will minimize the need for BFTC to deploy workers outside the state. The hangar lease provides an additional capability within Kansas to support accelerated BFTC flight test programs.
Successful and timely completion of engineering and certification flight programs result in stable aircraft manufacturing at Bombardier Learjet facilities in Kansas. This project supports economic expansion and will help create jobs and economic growth. KDOT is excited to partner with the community to take advantage of this opportunity.


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