Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Make the Move

Moving over for emergency personnel and highway workers isn’t just a courtesy – it’s the law.

Passed in 2000, the Kansas Move Over law requires motorists to slow down and/or move over near stopped emergency vehicles. In 2006, KDOT highway workers and KHP Motorist Assist personnel were added to the legislation. The law also requires traffic to slow down and/or move over away from vehicles engaged in highway construction or maintenance operations when the vehicles are displaying amber flashing lights.

Moving over is important any time of year, but even more so during winter. Snow and ice can cause drivers to easily lose control of their vehicles and crash. If this happens near a law enforcement officer, highway worker, or motorist outside their vehicle, the results can be devastating.

If it’s not possible to move over, always slow down and proceed with caution. It’s also good practice to slow down and move over for stranded vehicles.

The Move Over law is important to all of us at KDOT. We appreciate your help in keeping our crews and law enforcement partners safe!

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