Monday, August 8, 2016

Motoring Monday: Stevens County Gas and Historical Museum

The Stevens County Gas and Historical Museum was established in 1961 to tell the story of the Hugoton Gas Field, which at one time, was the largest natural gas field in the world. The gas well, drilled in 1945, is still producing and the 1945 well equipment is on display at the site of the well.
The main museum displays early 1900 furnishings including a chapel, dining room, parlor, kitchen and sewing room. There are also Indian artifacts, farming tools, a printing and western shop and an art room.
Also on the museum complex in Hugoton is the Santa Fe Hugoton Train Depot, an 1887 school house, the first jail house, an early day grocery store and more.
For details on the museum, click here.

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  1. Great to feature a southwest Kansas Museum with such
    historical significance to fuel development and also industry and economy to the region and to the State.