Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Delivering The Future

The future may be delivered quicker than we thought. According to an article on governing.com, Starship Technologies, a British company will be testing a robotic delivery system in select residential neighborhoods in Washington D.C. this fall.

Starship Technologies’ website says that robotic delivery started its testing phase late last fall. And it began hitting the sidewalks in London earlier this spring. The 6-wheeled intelligent robots may look like a glorified water cooler, but they have the power to make deliveries, faster and on time, the company claims.

Relying on computer vision, these robots could deliver groceries, takeout or packages straight to your door without the help of humans. (Unless it gets stuck, then an operator can come to its aide remotely.) It can then be opened with a code sent directly to the person receiving the goods.

The delivery robots each have six wheels, weigh about 40 pounds and have nine cameras to help them navigate city neighborhoods. They are designed to travel mostly on sidewalks, although they can negotiate small curbs.” Governing.com says.

Although it may be a little while before robots make deliveries in every city. This poses an interesting question:

 How will robots affect the future of delivery services? 

Tell us what you think! Would you like to have your pizza delivered by robot?

To see more of these cool robots in action, check out the video below.

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