Thursday, September 8, 2016

#IAMKDOT Kicks off: Cole Peterson

Working in the field for KDOT can be a rewarding but dangerous career. KDOT workers face oncoming traffic, impatient and unsafe drivers, extreme weather conditions and many other hazards while maintaining our roads and infrastructure so communities can thrive.

It is time to recognize those hardworking individuals who risk their lives to keep Kansas moving.

This semi-regular illustration project, titled #IAMKDOT, is intended to highlight and bring awareness to the incredible work that KDOT employees do for our state.

These #IAMKDOT illustrations will be posted to our blog and other social media to remind everyone that these hardworking men and women aren’t robots. They aren’t slowing down traffic to irritate or inconvenience. They are working hard to ensure that our way of life is maintained and improved upon. It is our hope that #IAMKDOT illustrations will encourage the public to slow down, and treat KDOT employees with more respect and patience.

Featured today is Cole Peterson. He has worked with the District 3 Bridge Crew for four years. Peterson, 24 years old, said that he enjoys watching the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals. He also enjoys working on vehicles.

In this illustration, Peterson is getting ready to take the giant snowplow, Big Bertha out to clean up snow and ice from the February snowstorm that impacted much of the state earlier this year.


  1. Replies
    1. The artist is Mallory Goeke she's a communications specialist at KDOT and she is also an illustrator.

  2. Wonderful illustration! Please give the illustrator credit.