Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#IAMKDOT: Joyce Poitevint

This month’s #IAMKDOT feature is Joyce Poitevint.

She began her career with KDOT in 1992 and worked at the KDOT sign shop for 20 years. Beginning in 2012, Poitevint became an engineering technician in the field for a year and half. This illustration of Poitevint was from her time as a field technician while working on the South Lawrence Traffic way in 2012. 

In 2014, Poitevint moved to KDOT headquarters as a traffic control technician. In August of this year, Poitevint was promoted to Lighting Technician.

Poitevint said that when she is not at work she enjoys farming and creating artwork. She is a god-mother, daughter, sister and friend.

#IAMKDOT is an illustration project that recognizes KDOT employees who work hard to ensure Kansans enjoy safe roads, rails and skies. Safe and successful transportation also helps Kansans financially. Some employees of KDOT fill dangerous but necessary positions and this project also serves as a reminder for travelers to slow down and remember that underneath those neon vests, are individuals with families and hobbies waiting for them at home.

Do you know a KDOT worker that deserves recognition? Nominations are open! Email today to get started! 

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  1. Hi do you have contact information for Joyce Poitevin? I'm wondering if her mother was Linda who was married to my step father Carl Parks. If you know her and can ask her that would be fine too. If she is the daughter of Linda and has a sister named Amy, that would be her. Pleas2 have her contact me either through Facebook or via e-mail I would love to reconnect to her. I may not be able to see it if you reply to this post because I'm not able to log into the Cambodia4Christ google page. Thank you! Gail Powers