Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Drinking and driving unwise game plan

Football fans across the country prepare for America’s most watched sporting event, Super Bowl LI on Sunday.  Many of them will choose to celebrate with a few alcoholic beverages.
This year, The Kansas Department of Transportation has a message for this year’s Super Bowl Sunday: Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving.

“The Super Bowl is its own holiday,” said Chris Bortz, KDOT Traffic Safety Manager, in the agency’s press release. “Designate before you celebrate. Don’t let a day of fun turn into a DUI or worse.”

KDOT and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are teaming up to provide you with a solid game plan to ensure a safe and fun viewing party without any  fumbles.

If you plan to drink:

Don’t drive. Before you ever leave the house, designate someone who will not be drinking and who can drive you home.  Have a backup plan in case they drop the ball. Call your local cab or transportation company, ridesharing service, or a friend who you can count on. Leave your car keys at home.

If you plan to drive:

You are basically the quarterback. Your teammates are relying on you to make good choices. Don’t drink and get your buddies home safely. Don’t forget to remind your passengers to buckle up and listen to your own advice.
Be on the lookout for other people who may not have a ride. Fans don’t let fans drive drink.

If you are hosting your own party:

You are the coach of the team! You want your friends to have fun while watching the big game? Designate your own sober driver to help ensure your guests get home. Or ask your guests if they have one of their own.

Serve a selection of drinks that don’t contain alcohol. Never serve alcohol to minors. If an underage person drinks or drives, the person who served the alcohol can be held liable for any damage, injury, or death caused by that driver. You could even face jail time.
Encourage those that do consume alcohol to eat plenty of food and drink water.

Know the risks:

Just as football players realize that the sport they play can be dangerous, you should know the risks if you decide to drink. Impaired driving is dangerous and the consequences are serious. Don’t become another statistic.


You drink you drive you lose.

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