Monday, January 23, 2017

Is it a car or a bike? The answer is both

Move over, Fred Flinstone, moving your car with just your feet is so prehistoric. Why not use pedals instead?

As more and more people are trying to find alternative fuel and ways to get around, an interesting type of vehicle is starting to emerge onto our streets: The car and bike hybrid.

These vehicles come in a variety of shapes and designs. Some are fueled by the sun to run small motors to continue running when pedaling isn’t an option. A few models have batteries that can be recharged in a matter of hours. Early prototypes of other start up companies claim their version of a car/bike hybrid can also run on plants.

At their core however, these vehicles truly run on pedal power and could change how we get around in the near future. And for those who live in countries where vehicles aren’t accessible, this type of transportation could really make difference. Most of these vehicles are covered and protect the driver from the elements.

Check out these videos of some of these hybrids in action:

Do you see these vehicles taking off? Tell us what you think!  

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