Monday, March 27, 2017

Dedication ceremony for road improvement in Lyons

A dedication ceremony was held on Friday to celebrate the completion of an economic development project in Lyons. 
The City of Lyons had a lot to celebrate on Friday during a dedication ceremony of the completion of an economic development project.

The KSTW Ltd. Mahindra tractor distribution center now has the opportunity to grow and create additional jobs in the community thanks to the partnership between KDOT, the city of Lyons and KSTW Ltd.

This important economic development project converted 17th Road, commonly known as Foundry Road, from gravel to a more efficient concrete surface.   The improvements allow for safer access for truck traffic entering and exiting the distribution facility which allows the company to increase in location size and allow for additional employees.

KDOT provided funds for the design and construction, which cost $500,000. KSTW Ltd. and the City of Lyons were able to fund the remaining construction engineering costs which brought the total dollar amount of the project to $562,000.

Secretary of Transportation Richard Carlson had the opportunity to meet with those who celebrated the new opportunities the concrete surface creates.

“This was a great example of cooperation between the public and private sectors the benefit of everyone, and KDOT was proud to be a part of this joint effort between the state, the city and the company.” Carlson said.

Mike Young, the Mayor of Lyons, credited KDOT as a vital contributor to this project.

“I would like to express an immense appreciation towards KDOT for the support and guidance of this project,” Young said. “Without KDOT this project would not have been possible. KDOT has and continues to be a major part of the success of our community.”

This project was let on October 21 of last year and was completed earlier this month. 

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