Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trash duty leads to priceless treasure

Sometimes KDOT workers happen upon items that can brighten someone's day. 

As reported last week, crews across the state clean up messes along Kansas' highways. A news story recently published by KMBC News explains how KDOT employee Rodney Wright found an item that holds personal value. 

Find the story below and a link to the video after.

A Gardner woman believes a little divine intervention can explain how her lost Bible was returned to her after it was found off a highway.
"This is a beautiful mess," said Rhonda Thompson. "It’s amazing."
Thompson's Bible held a special place in her heart because it belonged to her husband, Mike. It served as the guestbook at his funeral.
Thompson carries the good book to church every weekend, putting it in the seat right next to her in the van until two weeks ago.
"I just set the drink and the Bible up there (on top of the van)," Thompson said. "I went around and drove off.”
Two days later, trash duty brought Kansas Department of Transportation worker Rodney Wright to the side of Highway 56.
"I noticed right away that it was a Bible," Wright said.
But what Wright didn't know at the time was that the Bible had a personal connection for him.
"I didn't put two and two together that it was my old friend Mike's Bible," Wright said.
One of those days at work dealing with trash became treasure for one of Mike's dearest friends.
“He was … he was there for me in a time of my life when I really needed somebody to hold onto," Wright said.
"Sometimes things that just do not make sense -– it doesn’t make any physics sense that a car hit it and it didn’t just blow all over the place. We’re right by the highway," Thompson said.
“But God is definitely the one that put me there to find it," Wright said.
It’s a story of amazing grace.

"Explain this stuff to me then, because this feels like Jesus Christ to me," Rhonda Thompson said. “No matter what, God just kept bringing it back together."
Check out the video here

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