Monday, June 26, 2017

Motoring Mondays: Castle Rock and Monument Rock

Monument Rock located in Gove County

Classified as a National Natural Landmark, the chalk monolith duo - Castle Rock and Monument Rocks - are in Gove County. The chalk monuments were created when chalk accumulated during the crustacean period, more than 80 million years ago, and eroded into interesting shapes. 

Castle Rocks, which eroded into a spire shape, is located on the eastern side of Gove County. Monument Rocks, also dubbed “Chalk Pyramids,” are on the western side of Gove County.
The Monument Rocks can be seen along the Western Vistas Historic Scenic Byway.

If you are interested in experiencing some of the fossils discovered in Gove County, The Sternberg Museum in Hays is a great place to see them. One fossil especially fascinating is the fourteenth-foot Xiphactinus, a large marine fish, which ate a sixth-foot Gillicus, another fish, shortly before dying. This fossil was discovered in 1952.
To learn more about this dynamic duo, visit Monument Rocks & Castle Rock, Gove County


  1. Dexter KS has a great waterfall and candy store

    1. We did a feature on the candy store in Dexter in our Motoring Mondays feature in 2016 - check it out - thanks!