Wednesday, November 8, 2017

MAASTO Truck Parking Innovation takes center stage at ITS World Congress

The Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASTO), including representatives from the Kansas Department of Transportation, recently showcased truck parking innovation technology at the Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress.

The Regional Truck Parking Information System (TPIMS), the largest project of its kind to ever be funded by a U.S. TIGER grant, was presented at the ITS World Congress in Montreal, Canada. The U.S. TIGER grant made it possible for MAASTO members to attend and present the innovative technology to the world.

“It is fitting that the Kansas Department of Transportation and our closest peers and partners are honored for developing trucking-related technology,” said Secretary of Transportation Richard Carlson. “Kansas’ top-ranked highway system and road miles, as well as our geographic and logistical advantages create an excellent opportunity for transportation innovation and synergy to unite.”

The presentation highlighted how member-states of the MAASTO joined together in creating an eight-state regional technology program for providing commercial freight truck drivers with real-time information that helps them more easily find safe, nearby parking as they reach the end of their regulated hours of service. The presentation will outline how the TPIMS technology will work and be used, along with how the project is progressing towards its early 2019 full deployment.

Presenters of the project included Project Manager Davonna Moore who serves as the Assistant Bureau Chief of Transportation for the Kansas Department of Transportation and Matt Junak of the HNTB consultant team supporting the project.  

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