Tuesday, November 14, 2017

#MoveOverKS Encourages drivers to be cautious of road workers

Flashing lights, sirens, orange cones and neon vests should all tell you one thing: Move over and give emergency response crews, law enforcement and highway workers room to work.
The Federal Highway Administration has declared Nov. 13 to 19 Traffic Incident Response Week. During this week and throughout the entire year, KDOT would like to remind drivers that all road workers should be respected and protected. Whether they are emergency responders at a traffic emergency, KDOT or county workers performing maintenance on the roads or a law enforcement professional performing a traffic stop, these workers need space to do their jobs and stay safe.

KDOT has initiated a campaign called #MoveOverKS, which is designed remind drivers on all roadways to give roadside workers space to do their jobs and perform their service. In order to convey the message, images were taken of KDOT highway workers reminding everyone who sees them why they need all drivers to #moveover and give them space. The images are available across KDOT’s social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Steve Baalman, a KDOT Engineer in Topeka, said that the use of cell phones makes it noticeably scarier to work along highways.
“We too often see folks with their faces buried in their cell phones,” Baalman said. “Obviously with the texting, it’s very spooky for us.”

Baalman said that despite the risks, working along the highways is worth it. 

“I presume most folks are like me,” Baalman said. “We like the work, the service and the sense of accomplishment. It makes it worthwhile for those folks who are driving it every day.”

Kansas enacted the Move Over Law in 2006, requiring that drivers move over when approaching workers on the side of the road and if traffic doesn’t allow for that, to at least slow down. Follow the #MoveOverKS campaign and see why KDOT employees are asking you to move over.

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  1. Finally, other States have been doing this for YEARS..........