Wednesday, June 6, 2018

KDOT creates new spokes creature to share transportation and safety messaging

What is orange and white, has four legs, a huge smile and is covered in fur?

Miles the KDOG!

Miles is a new face around the Kansas Department of Transportation and is ready to get to work as the official mascot of KDOT.

Mascots are everywhere. They are used by sports teams, food brands, restaurants, businesses, government agencies and even education programs. We all grew up with friendly faces who helped provide information on a variety of topics.  

Transportation safety can be taught at any age and important lessons can be shared in fun and creative ways. KDOT plans to use Miles to help share safety tips, safer driving advice and provide a healthy dose of fun activities for kids and their loved ones. 

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi mascot was created by KDOT staff to help create content that will reach Kansans on social media. The dog breed was chosen due to its hard-working nature and because they can be orange and white, like the safety equipment that can be seen along roadways.

Last month a contest took place on social media to name KDOT’s new mascot and “Miles” won by a mile.

Miles is pulling at the leash to share important messaging with you. Stay tuned for more content.  

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