Thursday, October 31, 2019

Frightening Fiction: Distracted Nightmares

By Mallory Goeke
Communications Specialist

On Halloween night, the glow of a smartphone shone through the window of a fiery red sedan as it raced down the highway. The mindless chatter of friends as they listen to their favorite band and play air guitar in unison filled the car’s cabin.  

“I love this song!” Melissa screamed over the music while she sent a quick text and slid her phone back in her pocket and returned her hands to the wheel. The teenager was relishing in her newfound freedom.  Just days before she had received her first car, along with permission to drive it to the big Halloween party at school. Melissa’s outfit was what she wore every Friday, a cheerleading outfit, but her make up was smeared and her hair was tousled. She was a zombie-fighting cheerleader. She couldn’t wait to show off her new look, even if it meant texting while driving. 
“I can’t believe you just did that!” Her best friend, Lidia laughed. “If I did that, my parents would take my keys and phone away for sure.” Lidia’s costume of choice was an art student who used her tools to fight the aforementioned zombies.

“That’s because your parents worry too much,” Kyle leaned forward from the back seat and turned up the music even louder. “Melissa totally knows what she is doing.” Kyle was dressed up as one of the zombies the dynamic duo would have been fighting.

“Yah, see? I’m paying attention now. No harm done.” Melissa replied, but then reached down and picked up her phone again when she felt the familiar buzz. “I just need to post that I’m driving in my new car real quick! Lidia, take the wheel.”
Lidia bit her lip nervously, this sounded like a really bad idea, but what could she say? Her friends would totally make fun of her. She reached over and held the steering wheel while Melissa snapped a selfie.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure with glowing eyes leapt onto the road in front of them. Lidia screamed and turn the wheel sharply. Melissa jumped and stomped her foot on the brakes while her phone flew into the backseat. Kyle’s forehead stopped the phone from flying out the windows. He gasped in pain and held his hand over his eyes.
The passenger side tires hit loose gravel and the car slid down the ditch and launched into the air.

Melissa remembers rolling five times. Lidia lost count and Kyle hardly remembered anything from that night.

While they may have survived the crash, they didn’t make it to their Halloween party. Melissa never used her phone while driving again. Lidia learned to speak up for herself, and Kyle learned to keep his mouth shut and listen to reason.

While this story may be a work of fiction, the scary part is that scenario can happen every single day.

No one should be driving distracted, anything can happen. Are you willing to take the risk?
Don’t drive scary.

The End.

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