Monday, August 24, 2015

Motoring Monday: World's Largest Hand Dug Well

Built more than 127 years ago, the World’s Largest Hand Dug Well is 109 feet deep and 32 feet in diameter. The well, located in Greensburg, took nearly a year to build. Construction began in 1887 and cost about $45,000. 

According to the big well website, the stone used for the well casing was brought in wagons from the Medicine River 12 miles south of Greensburg, over roads that were little better than cattle trails. Dirt from the well was hauled away by the same wagons which had slatted beds. By opening the slats and dumping the dirt in low spots, streets and roads to the quarry were leveled.

The well served the city until 1932 and was opened as a historic attraction in 1937. The May 4, 2007, tornado did little damage to the well but destroyed the gift shop and visitor’s center. It was closed until 2012 when the new museum opened.
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