Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tracks are for trains not photos

While the school year has started, many seniors are preparing themselves for what happens after graduation, this includes college applications, picking out stationary, and taking the perfect senior picture. While it’s fun to scout new locations to have senior pictures taken, there is a place that should not be used as a setting: Train tracks.

Train tracks are a very dangerous and should not be taken likely. Trains cannot stop quickly to avoid people or vehicles on the tracks and optical illusions make it hard to determine a train’s distance and speed.  You can’t assume they are abandoned or inactive either, especially on private property. In fact, not only is it unsafe but it’s also illegal. Trespassing is a crime and your school is within their right to reject photos for publication if they are taken in the commission of a crime.

Julie LaCombe of Kansas Operation Lifesaver explains it this way, “If we saw a child playing on an airport runway, where planes can be moving 150 miles an hour when landing, we would lose our collective minds and stop it right now. Why then would we place a loved one on rails, where hundreds of people actually die unintentionally every year?”

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