Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Where does your school rank on license plate sales?

Fan bases are known for obsessing about where there team ranks on a list.  One list you may not of thought about is how your alma mater ranks in terms of license plates sold, but we've tracked that down for you.

The Kansas Department of Revenue offers more than 30 distinctive license plates that offers something for everyone from college fans to animal lovers. So what plate is most popular in Kansas?

Here are the top 5 sellers according to the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Number 1: Kansas State University (8,041 plates sold)

Number 2: Breast Cancer Awareness (4,396 plates sold)

Number 3: University of Kansas (4,305 plates sold)

Number 4: Pittsburg State University (3,001 plates sold)


Number 5: Wichita State University (2,886 plates sold)

For a complete list of distinctive plates available, visit or your local county treasurer’s office.

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