Monday, June 6, 2016

Motoring Mondays: Soda fountains, part two

Holmes Sundry in Hamilton
Last year in the Motoring Monday series, several communities that still have soda fountains were featured. That blog was so popular, we decided to highlight a few more locations across Kansas.  All of the existing soda fountains as of 2012 were featured by the Kansas Sampler Foundation in the “8 Wonders of Customs” category – that list can be seen here.
Old Mill Tasty Shop in Wichita
WaKeeney – Gibson Health Mart has been in business since 1892 with a soda fountain the entire time. The current soda fountain features nine stools and still makes Green Rivers and sodas, malts and shakes the old-fashioned way.
Marquette – City Sundries has original, late-1800s marble counters and tables, metal soda shop chairs, walnut and glass display cases and the original tile floor.
Bucklin – In the Main Street Market, you’ll find the fountain at the back of the store where they make their own syrup and use carbonated water. Make sure and ask about the Orange Cow.
City Sundries in Marquette
Oskaloosa – On the south side of the square is the County Corner Variety. Built in the 1950s, this fountain has nine stools. In addition to the fountain, they have breakfast items and popcorn and sweets on Saturday.
Hamilton – The 1920s soda fountain at the Holmes Sundry has a marble base and stools as well as the original syrup pumps and water spigots. To make the old-fashioned sodas, they mix the syrup and carbonated water separately and stir with a spoon.
Wichita – The Old Mill Tasty Shop opened in 1932 and features a 25-foot marble counter with 11 stools, a wooden back bar and brass foot rails. In addition to sodas and shakes, they have daily meal specials, sandwiches, soups and more.


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