Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#WZW- Geometric Improvements in Coffeyville

This geometric improvement project is being done in Coffeyville. The cost of the project is $763,900, the state is contributing 90 percent of the cost, and the city covering the remainder. 
Today's Work Zone Wednesday project highlights a geometric improvement project in Coffeyville that started in late March at the intersection of East 8th Street and U.S. 166/169 in the city of Coffeyville. The work includes constructing a right turn lane with an island for 8th St. eastbound traffic turning south on U.S. 166, new concrete pavement and a new water line.

KDOT awards Geometric Improvement (GI) funding annually to help cities improve intersections and address road deficiencies. Roads selected for GI funding are part of the state highway system within city limits. The percent of state funding awarded for each project is based on the size of the city and ranges from 75 percent for the largest cities to 100 percent for the smallest communities. The cities provide matching funds to cover the remaining costs. 

This project, whose work is being done by Jeff Graham Construction, is expected to be completed by mid-July as long as weather permits. More information on this and other construction projects in Kansas can be found at KanDrive. 

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