Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Work Zone Wednesday: Sitka Junction

The Sitka Junction now. the truck is going south in this picture.
A project that came out of the Kansas Department of Transportation’s local consultation process and generated considerable local interest will soon wrap up east of Ashland in Clark County. The project rebuilt and relocated the intersection of U.S. 160, U.S. 183, and K-34 (known locally as the Sitka Junction). 
This view is from before the work was done on Sitka Junction.  
The project called for shifting a portion of U.S. 160, including the intersection, to the south and removing a portion of the hill just east of the junction. KDOT expects these changes to improve the sight distance for drivers at the intersection. 
Previously the only way to see the intersection was from on top of the hill.
Most of the highway work is completed and the final excavation of the hill should be completed in June. APAC-Kansas, Shears Division, of Hutchinson was the primary contractor at a cost of approximately $2.7 million.
KDOT is reducing the hill so that visibility is easier for drivers at Sitka Junction.

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