Wednesday, July 27, 2016

KDOT road preservation in full swing

A section of I-70 in NW Kansas before preservation work was done. 
Preserving Kansas roads, ranked among the top five states in America, is a priority at KDOT.
The right maintenance at the right time—whether it’s chip sealing, crack sealing, asphalt overlay, resurfacing or patching—helps extend the life of the pavement for many years and protects the investment we have made in our Kansas highways.
The same section of road following preservation work completed. 
In fiscal year 2016, over 700 miles of preservation work occurred. Under current KDOT budgeting, preservation is projected to increase to 1,000 miles in fiscal year 2017 and 1,200 miles in fiscal year 2018.
One-hundred bridges were estimated to be repaired or replaced in fiscal year 2016, but by the end of the year, 117 projects were completed. In fiscal year 2017, 160 bridges are scheduled for work under current KDOT budgeting.
 “Orange barrels are blanketing Kansas roadways as KDOT continues to provide one of the best transportation systems in the nation,” Interim Transportation Secretary Richard Carlson said. “Preservation is an essential element of KDOT and is a proactive approach to meeting the transportation needs of our state.”

This fiscal year, KDOT will spend two times more on preservation projects than the year Governor Brownback took office. Expansion and enhancement projects will jump over $10 million during the same period, while modernization projects will increase by nearly $10 million.

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