Monday, July 18, 2016

Motoring Monday: KSDS Assistance Dogs

A litter of puppies take a nap
KSDS Assistance Dogs, Inc., in the town of Washington, provides highly-trained canine assistance and support to people who are visually impaired or physically disabled. They also provide facility dogs for professionals who need canine assistance in their respective fields. The group is celebrating 25 years of service and has placed more than 500 assistance teams.
When KSDS puppies are eight weeks old, volunteer puppy raisers socialize the puppies and teach them 30 to 40 commands. By taking the puppies into their communities – to workplaces, churches, stores, restaurants, sporting events, music concerts and more – the puppies learn basic obedience and house and public manners.
When the puppies are 16 to 24 months old, they return to KSDS for advanced training to decide whether the dog would perform better with a guide, service or facility partner. A dog typically is two to three years old when paired with a partner.
Volunteers are needed to raise/play with the puppies as well as assistance from painters, carpenters, plumbers, yard work, etc.
Tours of the campus are available by appointment – 785-325-2256
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