Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#WZW Reconstructing an intersection in Girard

A section of the new sidewalk in Girard. 
A geometric improvement project is underway to reconstruct the K-47/K-7 intersection in Girard. Among the improvements will be the installation of new electrical conduit, new storm sewer and water lines, parking lot repairs, and the construction of new sidewalk along the high school. K-47 has been closed to through traffic at the intersection. Overland trucks are following a detour set up on state highways, and all other vehicles use a detour signed on Girard city streets. K-7 remains open to one-lane traffic controlled by signals.
One-lane K-7 traffic through the intersection.  

The GI project is expected to be finished in September by Amino Brothers Co., Inc., of Kansas City, Kan. GI projects are part of the state highway system located within city limits and the projects are designed to improve intersections and address road deficiencies. 

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