Monday, May 7, 2018

Building the future: KDOT attends iBuild, inspires future construction professionals

High school and middle school students had the opportunity to climb inside 
KDOT vehicles and see how they operate from the inside.
More than 1,000 middle school and high school students in the Kansas City Metropolitan area had the opportunity to meet with transportation industry professionals and learn about various construction industry careers at the iBuild Showcase that took place at Bartle Hall in Kansas City on Thursday, May 5. 

KDOT crew members shared what it is like to work for the agency, what they see on a daily basis in work zones, and how to operate the various equipment and vehicles. They encouraged them to pursue careers that will help keep Kansas infrastructure strong and the economy growing.

Students asked the crews how KDOT uses advanced technology to perform their jobs every day. KDOT employees were able to explain how sensors and computer programs help determine the right mixture of road treatments during winter weather.

KDOT is committed to strengthening and encouraging construction professionals well into the future. Many of our jobs offer training and can be filled by high school graduates. For more information on job opportunities check out our website: 

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