Wednesday, May 16, 2018

#IAMKDOT: Augie Carrillo

On his way home after working all day at a project, Agustin “Augie” Carrillo, an Engineering Technician Senior for District 5 in Winfield, encountered a family stranded on the road. Instead of driving by, he stopped to make sure their flat tire was changed safely.

That’s the kind of person Augie is, co-workers say.

The family was so impressed that they took a photo with him. Augie was still wearing his safety vest.

“He gives 100 percent – there’s no doubt,” Engineering Technician Specialist Robin Gregory said.

Diligent beyond measure, Augie is known as an expert about asphalt labs, Gregory said.
He works well with contractors and “always keeps the project manager informed,” she said.

Augie is in his 19th year at KDOT. His wife, Gianna, nominated him for #IAMKDOT, saying he is a “very hard worker and a wonderful husband and father.”

They have two children in their 20s, including a daughter who has Down Syndrome. Because of her, Augie “is an advocate for NOT using the R-word in a negative way,” Gianna said.

One of his biggest accomplishments involved the rebuilding of six bridges in two years. Augie was the inspector on site and also helped other employees with their senior progressions during that time.

During the bridge projects, Augie guarded over two killdeer nests until the eggs hatched and they left the nests.

Augie loves the Pittsburgh Steelers, fishing, hiking, camping and yard work – basically anything outdoors – and his 1964 Chevy truck.

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