Monday, June 16, 2014

Motoring Monday: 4-state lookout

Photo by Kansas Sampler Foundation
Motoring Monday takes you to the far northeast corner of Kansas to see the 4-State Lookout in White Cloud. It has been named one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Geography. A viewing platform offers a panorama of the broad Missouri River Valley. On a clear day you can see parts of four states - Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa - as well as one river and the loess hills in the glacial hills area of Kansas.

More than 600,000 years ago, glaciers came rolling down from what is now southeastern South Dakota area stretching over northeastern Kansas, including Doniphan County, according to the Kansas Sampler Foundation. The glaciers then receded leaving behind a landscape of steep, wooded river bluffs and sprawling hills. The loess bluffs, north of Sparks, compose some of the steepest hills in the state. Loess hills are located in eastern Kansas, western Iowa, eastern Nebraska, and western Missouri. The hills are composed of yellow, brown, buff, and tan loess soil overlaying older debris left from the last ice age.

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Photo by Harland Schuster

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