Monday, June 9, 2014

Motoring Monday: Birdhouse Art Tour/Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway

This Motoring Monday combines the beauty of the Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway as well as the Birdhouse Art Tour in Great Bend. 

The byway is anchored by two of the largest wetland ecosystems in the world – the Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area and Quivira Wildlife Refuge and extends along K-4, K-156 and several county roads in Barton, Reno and Stafford counties. The Cheyenne Bottoms attracts 45 to 90 percent of North America’s shorebirds and is home to 23 species of mammals, 19 species of reptiles and nine species of amphibians. The Refuge has an educational Visitors Center and several hiking trails.

Chicago may have its cows, but the city of Great Bend has birdhouses! More than 50 birdhouses, ranging in size from three to five feet tall are perched in front of businesses all over town in honor of the thousands of birds who are drawn here every year. The Birdhouse Art Tour has descriptions written by the artists themselves. 

To receive a brochure with all the birdhouse locations and descriptions, call Great Bend Convention and Visitors Bureau at 620-792-2750 or email

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