Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Trivia Tuesday

Which Kansas county produces the most wheat?
A. Sumner County
B. Reno County
C. Ford County
D. Johnson County

The correct answer is Sumner County, which produced 18,528,000 bushels of wheat in 2013.  McPherson County came in second at 12,693,000.

With wheat harvest now in full swing, here are a few tips when driving through farm country.

  • Slow down when approaching farm equipment.  Think of the triangular, slow moving vehicle emblem on the rear of farm machinery as a warning to adjust your speed.

  • Allow extra room when following farm equipment.

  • Be aware of heavy truck traffic near grain elevators and COOPs. Grain trucks may stop on the road while waiting in line to unload grain. Find an alternate route away from elevators if possible.

  • Be aware of trucks, tractors pulling grain carts and combines pulling onto roads from farm fields. Also, be prepared for farm equipment to suddenly turn off the road into fields.

  • Don’t pass unless absolutely necessary. Before passing make sure the farm machinery isn’t turning left, determine if the road is wide enough for you and the equipment to safely share, look for roadside obstacles such as mailboxes, bridges or road signs that may cause the machinery to move to the center of the road and be sure there is adequate distance to safely pass. 

  • There may be several pieces of farm equipment traveling together. Be sure there is adequate space to accommodate another vehicle before attempting to pass.

  • Don’t assume the farmer knows you are there.

  • Remember, grain goes to market by train as well as truck. Be watchful when approaching railroad crossings.

  • No texting. It’s against the law.

  • Always wear seatbelts and use child safety restraints.

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