Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Crack sealing extends pavement life

Example of a crack on K-23 in Gray County that must be sealed to preserve the highway surface

With the arrival of  cooler weather, crack seal projects are underway in south west Kansas.

Pavement Pros, LLC of McPherson begin by routing the crack so that it can be cleaned and sealed.

According to Asphalt magazine, spring, fall and winter are considered the best time for crack sealing projects because the cracks are in “average position” (not completely open or closed) during cooler weather. 

KDOT Engineering Technician, Larry Roberts measures the cracks to be sealed.

Crack sealing is a cost-effective way to maintain roads that are in fair-to-good condition because it prevents water and extraneous materials from entering the crack and causing damage to the underlying pavement structure. 

A Pavement Pros, LLC crew member blows the loose debris and material out of the crack preparing it to be sealed.

In order to get the best results, the crack must be prepared by routing or sawing the crack and then cleaned using high-pressure air to remove loose material. 

A Pavement Pros, LLC crew member applies sealant to the crack.

After the crack is prepared, the sealer can be placed using a hot wand and hose connected to the rubber pot. The material used as the sealer is determined by the type and size of the crack and the environment. 

An added benefit of crack sealing is that the sealant requires a fairly short curing time allowing traffic to return to the treated area almost immediately after the treatment.

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