Thursday, January 10, 2019

KDOT deploys Truck Parking Management System to benefit professional drivers

TPIMS Ties 8 Midwest states together to provide commercial truck drivers info to 
make smarter, more efficient parking decisions in real-time along commercial trucking corridors.

TPIMS deploys: A management system that will provide commercial truck drivers with reliable, real-time information as they travel in parts of the Midwest has officially begun operation. KDOT highlighted this new system on Jan. 4 at the westbound Paxico rest area.

The Truck Parking Information Management System (TPIMS) project coordinates the trucking industry and the eight states in the Mid-America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASTO). It will help commercial truck drivers make more efficient truck
parking decisions along corridors using computer-monitored truck parking areas, dynamic message signs and web and mobile applications.

KDOT Transportation Planner and TPIMS Regional Project Leader Davonna Moore explains the importance of the TPIMS program to a group of onlookers at the ribbon cutting that took place on Jan. 4. 

“This project is one of the biggest steps forward in improving efficiency and safety for our commercial truckers,” said Davonna Moore, KDOT Transportation Planner and TPIMS Regional Project Leader. “More efficient movement of goods, reduced fuel costs and safer parking benefits markets globally.” 

The system is funded through a $25 million federal grant and each participating state contributed additional funds for the project. The system will use existing intelligent transportation systems (ITS) infrastructure and capabilities, along with emerging vehicle detection and data collection technologies, to monitor the availability of truck parking. It will then provide real-time information to commercial vehicle operators for more than150 parking sites across the MAASTO region. More information about TPIMS is available here

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