Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Green Project – The First Step in Fixing Wichita’s North Junction, one of several projects approved

The North Junction in Wichita is a burden for some commuters, commercial delivery services, truckers and other Sedgwick County drivers. It is a pinch point that some avoid and some just suffer through, especially in the morning and late afternoon drive-times.
Four highways come together: I-135, I-235, K-96 and K-254 – and for some travelers, depending on the time of day, it is an annoyance that most would rather do without.

The first step to fixing the North Junction bottlenecks will soon begin. Earlier this month, three bids were opened for the I-235 Green Project in Wichita. Bergkamp King, A Joint Venture, LLC was the low bidder at $51,337.971.52 and the planned date for that start is March 11.

The I-235 Green Project is just the first phase of the Wichita North Junction fix. It will replace aging pavement, the structurally deficient bridges over the Little Arkansas River and the functionally obsolete bridges over Arkansas Avenue and Broadway. It also adds auxiliary lanes to I-235 and improves ramp geometry at the Broadway interchange.

Awarding the Green Project to a contractor is a big step in the life of the interchange reconstruction project. With the near-completion of the I-235 and U.S. 54 interchange project, the North Junction rebuild has advanced to a priority highway concern for the Wichita/Sedgwick County community. To further the rebuilding process and encourage the continuation of projects that will address the North Junction bottlenecks, Sedgwick County and the City of Wichita have teamed up to help finance right-of-way acquisitions for the next phase. They produced a video to share their support for this multi-phase project.
See the video at Wichita North Junction Video.

Find out more about the I-235 Green Project at Green Project Fact Sheet.
See all the phases of the North Junction reconstruction at North Junction Fact Sheet.

This is one of several projects approved in the January Letting. For the rest of the project list click here:

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